Do you think your business is special?  Are you sick of companies trying to sell you on a one-size fits all solution?  Do you have individual polices you’d like enforced?

Initial Assessment
Your customized security plan begins with an in-depth security assessment of your property and procedures.  We meet with you, tour your property, and then use our experience in the industry to make recommendations that provide effective solutions to improve your overall security situation.

Partners in the Industry
At MPI we have the experience and connections in the security industry to help you find right vendors to implement a comprehensive security solution.  We regularly work with lock companies, access control vendors, camera vendors and a variety of others; and will recommend only the best for your business.

Patrol Checks vs. Onsite Services
Sometimes the most expensive option isn’t the best for your company.  It’s my goal to maintain and improve customer retention by finding the solution that will meet your needs.  In some cases a lower cost patrol plan can provide many of the same benefits as onsite services and may even provide more of the desired results.

Industry Experience and Team Benefits
MPI’s operations team is highly involved in the sales process from the beginning; bringing with them the industry experience needed to ensure the best solutions for your business.  This close knit teamwork ensures that what you’re promised at the sale is what you see on your property.

Creative Solutions
A real concern with businesses is providing safety and security for property and staff without losing all those hard earned profits.  My goal is to find creative solutions to provide the added-value of a security presence without breaking the bank.  Often the solution is additional duties the officer may do while working for you; such as checking safety equipment, staffing a desk, answering the phone, or a myriad of other additional duties.

Another area in which I specialize is working with landlords or homeowner’s associations to help you create a fee for service or pass-through cost system to improve the overall security of your area.  In many cases this involves meeting with the community to explain the overall benefits offered by your relationship with MPI and answering questions they may have.

I believe in bringing MPI’s Better Ideas to life for your business and would love to meet with you and explore our options.  Please check out our Better Training and Better People pages to learn more, or request a quote to get started.