Does your business need experienced professional security officers?   Do you want an in-depth screening process to know who gets the keys to your building?  Would you like your security officers to have the talent and skills to excel in their industry?

I understand that the quality of your security is based on the quality of the individual officers.  At MPI, I hire only officers that have proven themselves and then focus on their personal and professional growth to ensure only the best make it to your property.

Every MPI Officer that works your property must meet at least one of the following qualifiers before even being granted an interview, with the majority hired meeting several of them.


  • At least 24 college credits in police science or related subjects
  • EMT/paramedic/firefighter certification
  • Current or prior military service with honorable discharge
  • Current or prior law enforcement service

Current Make-Up
Anyone can talk about their qualifications but MPI provides you with up-to-date current statistics about the officers providing your service.

*current as of August 1, 2012

  • 91% have at least 1 year completed toward a college degree
  • 58% have a college degree
  • 34% are current military servicemen/women or honorably discharged veterans
  • 20% are current or former Law Enforcement, EMT’s or Firefighters
  • 34% have at least 1 year of security experience prior to hire

Background Checks
I understand that you want to know who has access to your building.  MPI believes that you should rest assured that a thorough background check has been done on your security staff and requires all our employees to go through the following checks.

  • State criminal background check
  • Court searches run in WI, IA and TX
  • Global Terrorist Watch List verification
  • License verification with applicable departments
  • Confirmation of military service and honorable discharge, if applicable
  • Confirmation of education
  • Employment verification(s)
  • Personal reference verification
  • Credit Record check (position dependent)
  • 10 panel drug test, conducted by an independent agency

Mentoring and Accountability
I believe that mentoring new officers and holding them accountable for their actions results in higher quality service for you, our customers.  MPI provides ongoing mentorship and direction, based upon your feedback and the feedback of our supervisors to ensure all officers know your expectations and exceed them.

  • MPI Supervisors, Managers and Executive Team are available 24/7
  • Shift leads oversee each shift to ensure accountability
  • Employees receive regular reviews focusing on strengths and weaknesses
  • All officers receive company orientation and field training before working alone at your property.

Job Placement
In the security industry turnover is a constant battle.  I understand that you want the consistency and stability of the same officer day after day.  MPI’s employee retention program focuses on benefits and long term career placement to place us as an industry leader in both training and overall employee retention.  For those officers that do choose to leave MPI, a large number are direct hires into law enforcement or go on to become military officers.  What this means for you is that you get professional officers that intend to make a career out of criminal justice and will perform your security as you want it done.

I believe that in the end it is MPI’s Better People that provide you with security and peace of mind.  I focus on hiring the best and we strive to make them better, ensuring you receive the best the industry has to offer.  Please visit our Better Ideas and Better Training pages to learn more, or request a quote to get started.