By Peter Hetrick

Do you want well trained security staff?  Is it important to you that they are professionally certified?  Do you think that they should be able to handle whatever situation arises?

 As MPI’s national training director, I set the standards for MPI’s Better Training.  Better Training begins with a strong basis of required certifications and continues with the wide range of additional training we provide to our officers.  This training is designed with one thing in mind; to provide you with the highest trained, most prepared security force; ready to deal with whatever situation may occur.



Defensive Tactics
Defensive Tactics is one of the three courses I require for all MPI Officers.  Training in this program includes de-escalation of confrontations, hands on techniques, handcuffing and O/C spray, all with a strong emphasis on legal compliance and safety.  All Armed MPI Officers must also attend an advanced defensive tactics course which includes training on baton, multiple adversaries, multiple officer tactics and firearms tactics and procedures.  All MPI defensive tactics training is based on the same use-of-force and legal compliance models as local law enforcement, ensuring our officers use only the force necessary to accomplish the need.

CPR and First Aid
Medical emergencies happen without warning. It could be a simple band-aid or a serious life threatening situation.  Because of the unpredictability of these incidents the second training course I require for all MPI Officers is CPR, AED and First Aid training.  I train and expect our officers to be ready to act as your first responders in the event of a medical emergency, and to provide help until advanced rescuers arrive.  As an added benefit, I maintain on staff several Emergency Medical Response Instructors that can train our officers in nearly every available American Red Cross medical program.  These instructors offer several levels of advanced coursework to our officers, completely free of cost. MPI also provides much of this training to our clients personnel, ensuring the fastest initial care in an emergency.

Customer Service and Conflict Resolution
I understand that active shooters and medical emergencies are rare occurrences, but customer service and conflict resolution is a daily task.  As a result, all MPI Officers are trained how to provide polite, professional customer service and how to deal with unhappy or unpleasant individuals.

This empathy and professionalism can help de-escalate situations before they become an issue and ensure your customer’s experience remains as pleasant as possible.

I expect our officers to be helpful and professional at all times. Whether they are engaged with one of your employees or a customer, I expect they will do so according to the policies and procedures set in place for your property.

Firearms Training
I believe that proper professional training in firearms is a must for anyone carrying a firearm on duty.  All Armed MPI Officers go through no less than forty hours of training in use-of-force, firearms tactics, and legal compliance.  MPI Officers are trained in weapon retention, familiarization with different weapons and overall safe firearms handling.  MPI requires not only initial qualification but extensive ongoing training to ensure continuous improvement and quality standards.

FEMA National Incident Management System (NIMS)
Disasters happen, and your security staff should be trained to handle them.  As a result MPI Officers are trained and certified in the National Incident Management System.  By understanding this comprehensive approach to incident management, it allows our officers coordinate and work with local, state, and federal personnel in the event a disaster affects your property and to allow you to focus on your business during these difficult situations.

I believe our training program truly lives up to our vision of Better Training.  I take my position as training director very seriously and strive to constantly improve upon our existing programs.  All instructors with MPI must meet our high standards and receive approval before teaching the officers that will work your property.  Please see our Better Ideas and Better People section to learn more, or request a quote to get started.