Corporate Security

Does your business need a complete security solution? Do you need someone to manage day-to-day security concerns while providing expert recommendations for security policy and procedure? Are you looking for someone to handle access badging, camera issues, and complex fire and security system coordination?

If so, MPI Corporate Security may be the solution for you. MPI Corporate Security solutions offer a cost effective solution to the complex problems involved in the overall security of your facility, while freeing up your management to run your business.

General Security Duties
MPI Corporate Security Officers still provide all the general duties associated with a security provider, including foot patrol, parking enforcement and medical response. MPI Corporate Security Officers have the professionalism and customer service training to interact with everyone from entry level employees to the CEO of your corporation on issues of company security. All MPI officers are trained in a minimum of defensive tactics, first aid and CPR, the National Incident Management System (NIMS), customer service and conflict resolution; providing competent, certified officers to handle whatever needs may arise.

Front Desk Duties
Front desks represent one of the most vulnerable points in your businesses safety structure. Controlling who accesses your building and when is vital to your overall security. A courteous and professional security officer can welcome your guests to the building, provide access as directed by your policies, notify appropriate personnel of their arrival; all when ensuring those that are not welcome are denied access.

Creation and Enforcement of Policies
MPI Corporate Security Managers are experts in the field and can provide invaluable consultation during the creation of your security policies to ensure your desired results. MPI Corporate Security Officers are trained in your policies and procedures and how to report or correct any violations accordingly.

Camera/Alarm Panel Monitoring and Incident Response
MPI Corporate Security Officers are trained in utilizing your camera system and alarm points as a force-multiplier. A well trained officer, combined with effective camera systems and monitor points in strategic locations can monitor the property for issues ranging from maintenance issues to attempted infiltration of your building. MPI Corporate Security Officers are trained how to properly dispatch the responding units and monitor the situation to determine if additional resources are needed. MPI Patrol Service units stand ready to assist should the situation require more officers than are available on your property; as is often the case in bomb threats, fires or other major incidents. All MPI Corporate Security Officers are expected to be familiar with your fire control system, alarm system, camera system, and emergency elevator call protocol.

Terminations and Executive Protection
Terminations can range from routine to high-risk, sometimes changing rapidly as they occur. MPI Corporate Security Officers can provide an obvious or discreet presence in the area and ensure the safety of your management personnel. The same presence can also be offered in cases of threats against members of your team. MPI has trained Executive Protection Officers that can provide the security level needed to ensure your safety, without alerting the public or causing a disruption to your workplace.

MPI Corporate Security Service offers a full-spectrum solution to the security needs of your business and can be used with or in lieu of internal security management personnel.

We are ready and willing to ensure the overall safety and continuity of your operation in the event of an incident, while understanding the importance of a businesses professional image. View our Better Ideas, Better Training, Better People pages to learn more, or request a quote to get started with planning a complete security solution for your business.

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