Onsite Security

Do you need a polite professional security person to guard your property? Do you have a special event or a protest and need reliable protection? Do you have a hospital, church, or housing complex and want a fully trained security person? Do you have a construction site and want to ensure tools and materials are still there at the start of the work day?

If any of the above describes you, then MPI Onsite Security is ready to help. MPI Onsite Security offers highly trained security officers combined with a fully customized training package to best fit your business needs.

General Security Duties
MPI Onsite Security Officers provide a multitude of general security duties including building lock-ups, employee escorts, front desk coverage, foot patrols and parking enforcement. All MPI officers are trained in a minimum of defensive tactics, first aid and CPR, the National Incident Management System (NIMS), customer service and conflict resolution; ensuring they are ready to handle whatever situation may arise.

Fire Watch/Special Events
MPI Onsite Security should be your first call for Fire Watch and Special Event needs. We realize that these needs are sometimes sudden and always require a professional, reliable response. MPI Onsite Security has experience in fire watches including sprinkler system failures, burglar alarm failures, and crime scenes to name a few. MPI Onsite Security is a leader in special event security including corporate meetings, fairs/festivals, birthday parties, weddings, charity walks and large sales.

Housing and Apartment Complexes
MPI Onsite Security officers are trained to act as your very own neighborhood patrol officer or to work in conjunction with one assigned by your local police department. MPI Onsite Security officers assigned to these posts are trained in information gathering techniques and in developing relationships with the community. MPI Onsite Security officers utilize these trainings and techniques to gather valuable information about your community and provide full reports to your staff.

Hospitals and Clinics
MPI understands that healthcare facilities require special considerations for their security. MPI Onsite Security has the industry experience you need, ranging from clinics and hospitals to psychiatric centers. MPI Onsite Security officers are trained to strictly adhere to the policies and procedures put in place for your business and to assist your clients in a polite professional manner.

Construction Assignments
Across America, construction sites are a favorite target for the would-be criminal. MPI Onsite Security stands ready to quash the threat. MPI is the go-to provider for many construction and development companies. MPI Onsite Security officers are trained and expected to be alert and watchful for any signs of abnormal activities. Access to your site can be as easy or restrictive as you wish, based upon the needs of you and your client.

Strikes/Protests and Threats
Strikes, protests and threats can be a scary time for your business. Rest assured that the highly trained staff of MPI Onsite Security is ready and equipped to handle the need. These sensitive situations require a calm professional officer to represent your business in the best light. MPI Critical Incident Response Team is specially trained to deal with these high profile incidents and the unique challenges they possess.

MPI Onsite Security has the experience and capabilities to provide for your businesses individual security needs. View our Better Ideas, Better Training, Better People pages to learn more, or request a quote to get started with planning a fully customized security plan for your business.

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