Patrol Services

Do you have an alarm system, if so who responds?  Do you have employees that work late at night and you just want to be sure they make it safely to their cars?  Do you have unwanted characters prowling your property, or do you simply want to rest assured your business is locked up tight?

If you answered yes to any of the above, then MPI Patrol Service can help.  Patrol Service provides the perfect solution for your business if you don’t need an officer to stay onsite, but want the extra piece of mind a reliable, professional security service brings.

Patrol Checks
MPI maintains a fleet of fully marked, state of the art vehicles, to ensure a maximum threat deterrent for your property.  First impressions are based on appearance of credibility and professionalism and it’s no different from the criminal’s perspective.  One of the most effective small business solutions to security is frequent mobile patrols.  The regular presence of an MPI patrol vehicle can be a great incentive to make the criminals choose someone else’s property.

Lock ups/Unlocks
Maybe your problem isn’t criminals but rather doors that end up propped open or forgotten to be locked up.  MPI Patrol Service can stop by and ensure your building is locked up tight, to help keep the unwanted out.  For those businesses with multiple tenants or employees leaving at odd hours, this service can be provided at regular intervals to identify any problem areas and help design solutions.  For some businesses the real question is who can lock and unlock the building.  MPI Patrol Service can lock/unlock your building at the times you choose; thereby eliminating one more concern from your daily docket and allowing you to focus on your business.

Employee Escorts
A real concern for your business may be the safety of lone employees or those leaving at odd hours.  MPI Patrol Service can provide employee escorts at shift ends or starts, or check in on lone employees, to help ensure they are safe during this vulnerable time.

Alarm Response
Putting in an alarm system is a great first step in the security of your business; however, who responds when it goes off?  Utilizing an employee for this puts your business at unnecessary risk.  Remember, they are on the clock, and ultimately your responsibility.  Any use of force, unlawful detention, or injuries sustained can put a large financial strain on your business.  If you use local law enforcement, it is important to know your area; police departments are regularly understaffed and underfunded.  In some of our coverage area, police will not respond, in others they have 45 minutes to dispatch the call; far too long if your business is being burglarized.  MPI Patrol Service treats alarms and calls for service as priority calls and guarantees a timely armed response, coupled with decisive action to handle your particular situation as you would want it handled.

MPI Patrol Service employs the highest trained, most professional officers in the industry.  Basic qualifications include firearms training, advanced defensive tactics, first aid and CPR, the National Incident Management System (NIMS), customer service and conflict resolution.

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