Lieutenant – Eric Anderson

Manager – Corporate Division

Joined MPI in 1996
Eric Anderson brings to MPI a great deal of experience and company knowledge.  Throughout his tenure with the company Eric has mentored countless employees and been instrumental in the day-to-day operations of the Corporate Division.  Eric is the commander of MPI’s Critical Incident Response Team and oversees the training and selection process of this elite group.  Eric is also the lead instructor for MPI’s Wisconsin and Iowa operations, ensuring strict adherence to MPI’s vision of Better Training.


What Eric brings to the team:
• Over 15 years of experience within MPI
• Real world police experience
• Tactical knowledge and training
• A focus on military bearing and precision
• Extensive knowledge of client policies and procedures
• Leadership and mentoring

Some qualifications Eric possesses:
• Former Police Officer
• Former United States Marine
• Defensive and Arrest Tactics, Instructor
• Baker Batshield, Instructor
• CPR / AED / First Aid, Instructor
• Security Cyclists Course Certified, International Police Mountain Bike Association
• Tactical Rifle Instructor Certified
• Firearms Certified
• Private Detective

Some training Eric has attended:
• Executive Protection, International Association of Chiefs of Police, Al Preciado
• Tactical Entry, Toni Conti, NYPD (ret)
• Active Shooter/Rapid Entry, Toni Conti, NYPD (ret)
• Emergency Response to Terrorism, Southwest Technical College
• Active Shooter/Use of Force Exercises, Madison Police Department
• Field Training Officer Course
• Active Shooter, FEMA
• National Incident Management System, FEMA

What Eric enjoys about MPI:  Eric enjoys being able to attend the wide variety of training courses and instruct new officers in appropriate tactics to better serve your property.