Security and Law Enforcement


Courses for security and law enforcement are held in Madison, WI and at our 14150 Trinity Blvd Suite 500, Fort Worth, TX location.

Pepper Spray (O/C) – $40.00

Instruction in this 4-hour program is from the SABRE© Law Enforcement O/C Program.  Participants will learn the history, tactics, decontamination protocols and legal guidelines for compliance with state law.  Exposure is optional, but highly recommended.  Several levels of exposure will be offered and certification will be presented at the end of the course.

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Handcuffing – $40.00

Instruction in this 4-hour program is derived from various defensive tactics programs, including accepted state and national methods, including PPCT.  This course focuses on the practical application as well as the legal implications of detaining a subject.

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 Expandable Baton – $40.00

Instruction in this 4-hour program is based upon multiple defensive tactics programs, including, PPCT, Defensive and Arrest Tactics, and the Peacekeeper RCB system.  This course has a heavy focus on hands-on application and covers restrictions regarding legally compliant use of force and weapons carry.

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Basic Defensive Tactics – $150.00

This 16-hour course covers the basic use-of-force information that every criminal justice professional needs to know.  Hands-on topics and certifications include Pepper Spray and Handcuffing.  This course has an emphasis on legally compliant detention and use of force.

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Advanced Defensive Tactics – $225.00

This 24-hour course builds upon the Basic Defensive Tactics course and incorporates the use of a baton and firearm.  Additional topics covered include multiple assailants, disadvantageous positioning, and weapon retention.  This course includes several scenarios and an introduction to use-of-force report writing.

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Security and Law Enforcement Defensive Tactics workshop – 2 hours  – $25.00

This course will address use-of-force tactics for those individuals in Security and Law Enforcement. Tactics are compliant with State and local departmental policies. Officers will be able to work through realistic “force on force” scenarios with the use of a FIST suit, which enables full power responses with inert O/C, training batons, and Airsoft© or equivalent firearms simulations.

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