Patrol and Security Division – Wisconsin

MSgt. Duston Arquette
MPI since 2007
Duston Arquette assists with general management of MPI Patrol and Security Division – Wisconsin. Duston is trained at nearly every Patrol and Security Division client and utilizes that knowledge to help train his officers. Duston is also a private detective, former jail officer, former EMT and firefighter, and a Defensive Tactics Instructor. Duston uses his criminal justice degree and eleven years in the industry to help mentor new officers in safe and professional protocols.

Sgt. Lacey Lee
MPI since 2005
Lacey Lee comes to MPI with experience as a police jailor and dispatcher.  Lacey helps to oversee first shift and utilizes his years of coaching experience to help mentor those that work for him.  Lacey is instrumental in various aspects of the internal security of the facility providing valuable insight to his clients.

Sgt. Kevin Schlatter
MPI since 2008
Kevin Schlatter oversees MPI Patrol and Security Division – Wisconsin and is a graduate of the
UW-Platteville Criminal Justice Program. Kevin also fills the role of motor pool supervisor and is responsible for overall report reviewing. Kevin uses his education and background as an MPI Patrol Officer to ensure his officers are well trained on all our client needs.

Sgt. Eric Price
MPI since 2012
Eric Price oversees MPI Patrol and Security Division – Wisconsin and is a graduate of Madison College’s Criminal Justice Program. Eric fills a vital role in communicating with current MPI clients in an effort to make sure that their needs are always being met. Eric is a CIRT member, and encourages his fellow officers to seek the additional training opportunities offered through MPI.