Critical Incident Response Team

MPI’s Critical Incident Response Team training for an Active Shooter in the workplace.

What do you do if a tornado tears through your campus?  Who protects your property and restores order to your workplace after a violent crime?  Do you have a system in place to handle mass layoffs?  Who do you call when burglaries become far too frequent of an occurrence? 

Officers of MPI’s elite Critical Incident Response Team (CIRT), are trained and ready to help restore order after a major incident, or to help prevent one from occurring.

Officers selected for this team are required to attend paid, ongoing training in defensive tactics, active shooter, workplace violence, firearms and advanced weapons, advanced medical, search and rescue, and disaster response preparedness; ensuring they are prepared, whatever your emergency.  Members of this elite team must go through a rigorous selection process of panel interviews, and demonstrate the work performance and background to stand out among very strong competition.  All team members are required to maintain a ready-bag and cell phone to ensure rapid deployment to your facility when it matters the most.

Burglary Prevention
MPI CIRT has assisted numerous property owners with large scale burglary prevention and detection, through massive covert officer saturation.  These officers are strategically positioned throughout your affected property to ensure any potential burglars are caught and turned over to law enforcement.

Layoffs are an unfortunate part of business and can often generate unpredictable employee behavior.  MPI CIRT has coordinated multiple large scale layoffs utilizing a combination of plain clothes officers and emergency response vehicles, to ensure the maximum safety for you and your staff.

Violent Crimes
The recovery following a violent crime in the workplace can be a long and difficult process.  MPI CIRT members have the training and presence to help restore a feeling of normalcy and safety in the aftermath of a violent crime on your property.  CIRT members have provided added protection and peace of mind following everything from robbery to homicide.

Natural Disasters
Natural disasters can have a devastating effect on your business.  MPI CIRT can ensure the safety of your facility following structural damage or in the face of potential looters.  CIRT members have responded to multiple large scale floods and Hurricane Katrina, providing the needed support to help businesses and communities cope with societal breakdowns.

Terrorist Acts and Threats
While rare, terrorist acts and threats can be one of the scariest times for a business.  CIRT officers are trained and prepared to respond with whatever level of intervention is necessary to ensure the safety and security of your business and employees.  CIRT members have been deployed to the World Trade Center disaster (9/11) and to threats against local church groups.

MPI’s elite Critical Incident Response Team stands ready to protect you and your property in the event of a major incident.  These officers are trained to the highest standards in the industry to ensure you receive the help you need.  Please visit our Better Ideas, Better Training, Better People pages to learn more, or request a quote to get started.