Do you want thorough background investigations conducted on your employees, or a potential business partner?  Do you suspect an employee is stealing or pretending to be injured?  Do you need to locate a long lost family member?  Would you like someone to handle your paper service and eviction notices?

 If so, then MPI’s Investigations Officers can help.  MPI uses only state licensed Private Detectives with extensive experience to conduct your highly sensitive assignments.  Combining old fashioned detective work with cutting edge technology allows MPI to provide you with the information you need to make the difficult decisions.

Background Investigations
MPI’s vast experience in background investigations have turned up hundreds of application discrepancies, providing the hiring managers with the accurate information.  MPI subscribes to national investigative databases that allow us to verify work experience and omitted addresses.  MPI also runs criminal history checks and various database searches compiling public record sources into one location for you.  MPI’s experience investigators will question your applicant’s previous employers and personal references to help determine if they are an employee you would like to hire.  MPI’s Investigations Officers also conduct a thorough check of claimed educational history and have routinely found falsified information about high school or college claims, even among government employees.

Worker’s Compensation Claims
Few things can be more frustrating to an employer than fake Worker’s Compensation Claims.  MPI’s Investigations Officers can discreetly follow subjects and observe their activities, letting you know if they exhibit any signs of falsifying illness or injury.

Employee Theft
Employee theft accounts for the majority of losses in the workplace and can cost your company thousands.  MPI’s Investigations Officers can use a combination of discreet cameras, interviews, and investigative techniques to determine not only who is stealing but to provide you with the evidence needed for any court or disciplinary proceedings.

Video Surveillance
MPI Investigation Officers has the experience and equipment needed to provide you with video evidence of wrongdoings and to help identify those that committed the offense.  Covert video surveillance ranges from unmanned cameras systems to video and still photographs of the activities in question.

Locating Individuals/Skip Tracing
Whether it is a long lost family member or simply someone you need to present with court papers, MPI Investigation Officers has the tools and training needed to find the person you’re looking for.  MPI Investigation Officers use a variety of databases, questioning techniques, and physical investigations to track down even the most difficult of individuals.

Paper Service
MPI Investigation Officers specialize in the serving of court documents and eviction proceedings.  These officers are trained in the legal intricacies to ensure you get your day in court.  Evictions and paper service carry inherent risks, and MPI Investigation Officers are trained to mitigate those risks and deescalate any confrontations that may arise; helping keep you and business safe.

MPI Investigation Officers have the training and experience you need to ensure these delicate situations are handled discreetly and professionally.  Please visit our Better Ideas, Better Training, Better People pages to learn more, or request a quote to get started.