CHIEF – Shawn B.D. Smith

Shawn Smith

President and Chief Executive Officer

Founded MPI in 1993
Shawn Smith founded MPI in 1993 to fill his vision of a professional security organization.  Shawn used his 17 years of law enforcement experience and the leadership gained acting as Chief of Police to help propel MPI into the successful organization it is today.  Shawn continues to provide both vision and direction for MPI’s growth and future successes.



What Shawn brings to the team:
• Vision and overall leadership
• Police and tactical experience
• An emphasis on quality, training and mentoring
• Growth strategies and direction

Some qualifications Shawn possesses:
• Former Chief of Police
• Certified Police officer
• Executive Protection Instructor, International Association of Chiefs of Police
• Certified Police Firearms Instructor, WI DOJ
• Texas Personal Protection Officer

Some training Shawn has attended:
• Wisconsin DOJ Police Academy
• Department of Justice Hostage Negotiator
• Criminal Justice at Blackhawk Technical College
• SWAT (Basic and Intermediate) LAPD/ARP & Associates
• Emergency Response to Terrorism, FEMA
• Active Shooter,  NYPD ESU/TACT – Source
• Police Firearms Instructor Pistol Instructor, NRA Law Enforcement Services
• Range Development, NRA

What Shawn enjoys about MPI:  Shawn enjoys sharing his vision with the staff and helping guide officers and junior managers to successful careers in the field.