Training Courses

Are you looking for a higher level of training for you or your security officers?  Do you wish to go “above and beyond” with skills that can improve your personal level of knowledge and help reduce liability resulting from a lack of training?  Do you want to be sure you receive thorough, legally compliant training in use of force or for medical emergencies?


If so, MPI Tactical and Emergency Services Academy (MPI TESA) may be the solution for you.  MPI TESA offers cost effective solutions to your training needs in security, law enforcement, and civilian environment.

General Courses offered by TESA:
MPI offers the following license and certification courses, each with an emphasis on legal accountability and training quality:

  • Basic Level 2 Non-Commissioned  (Texas Unarmed Security Officer)
  • Basic Level 3 Commissioned  (Texas Armed Security Officer)
  • Basic Level 4 Personal Protection Officer (Texas Bodyguard)
  • State of Wisconsin Firearms Training
  • CPR/AED, American Red Cross or AHA
  • First Aid, American Red Cross or AHA
  • Emergency Medical Response, American Red Cross

Additionally, we offer the following growth and professional development classes, certified through MPI Tactical and Emergency Services Academy (MPI TESA):

  • Handcuffing
  • O/C Pepper Spray
  • Baton
  • Defensive Tactics
  • Advanced Firearms Training
  • Advanced Defensive Tactics
  • Edged Weapon Response
  • Supplemental Tactical / Use of Force training

TESA Instructors
All TESA instructors have prior military and/or law enforcement background. Instructors have TCLEOSE, DPS, DOJ, or nationally recognized certifications in their respective fields of expertise. (Examples are PPCT Defensive Tactics, SABRE Pepper Spray, PEACEKEEPER Baton, TASER, and several martial arts systems.)

Our instructors have instructed the best and have been taught by the best. TESA also sub-contracts with other professional trainers to provide you, the student or officer, with the best possible training.

MPI TESA offers a full-spectrum solution to the training needs of you or your company and can be used to complement any training that is currently in place.

View our Better Ideas, Better Training, Better People pages to learn more, or request a quote to get started with planning a complete training solution.